3PL logistics

Fulfilment & B2B

As a leading 3PL provider, we understand the challenges of selling across multiple channels including B2B, B2C and concessions. Our onboarding and discovery processes enable us to configure our Warehouse Management System (RedPrairie) to accommodate date and batch control, internal scanning events and courier selections in real-time.

For B2B and Concessions, each unit is picked and scanned into shipping cartons, box-end labels printed and packing lists are created at unit, SKU and carton levels.

In addition, we provide value-added services including barcoding and quality inspection. Our people have dangerous goods training, extensive knowledge of retailer supplier compliance and Synergy are also licenced to manage alcohol.

For B2C, orders are picked, scanned, paperwork printed and courier labels attached with all data being passed back to your systems in real-time.

Skinny Tan

“We started with Synergy for our Skinny Tan brand, now they provide our Fulfilment and 3PL solutions across all sales channels to our entire suite of products. Gary and his team have been with us all the way, growing our direct to consumer and B2B channels and navigating through complex issues enabling us to provide outstanding customer service. The integration between Microsoft Dynamics and RedPrairie WMS has been outstanding and the communication and support we get from the Synergy team is excellent.”

Joe Bayer, Executive Chairman, Skinny Tan

Re-pricing & barcoding

Economy and speed are paramount to our clients and we regularly exceed expectations. Our blend of technology-driven processes and production expertise means Synergy handles large volume projects and regularly process over 250,000 units per day across multiple clients. We have managed projects in the region of 20 million units per annum with stock arriving and being dispatched on 20 trailers per day.

For ad-hoc projects, all we need is a phone call, packing list and the retailer we’re processing for and we will quote by return.

Read our Primark case study.

Online & store returns

In today’s consumer-led economy, excellent customer service is critical. Synergy specialises in fast returns, regularly processing over 17,000 units per day with a large and dedicated team of inspectors. As orders arrive, they are scanned, quality inspected, reason codes selected, repacked and either placed back to good inventory or returned to the vendor.

We also accommodate large volume seasonal store returns, inspecting stock and making available to sell through alternative channels.

Technology in brief

As a Synergy customer, you benefit from significant investment in our market-leading Warehouse Management System (WMS), RedPrairie. With help from our onboarding team, you can easily integrate with our WMS and view all transactions in our client portal whilst updating your systems in real-time.

Back office integrations

RedPrairie connects to your in-house ERP and WMS applications via APIs such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and NetSuite.

Courier integrations

We integrate with over 17 couriers giving our clients a wide range of pricing and service possibilities.

Platforms & aggregators

We integrate with most sales platforms and aggregators enabling full and real-time visibility of product lifecycle including inventory, returns and tracking.

Established integrations


Channel Advisor



ERP systems

Microsoft Dynamics


Royal Mail
The Delivery Group

Real-time traceability

Our tier 1 Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables us to track your merchandise throughout our facility and beyond. As part of our WMS, our online portal gives you a real-time view of inventory, orders and tracking events making it possible to investigate the complete lifecycle of a SKU from goods in, through order picking, returns and to stock transfer.

Date & Batch Control

Perishable goods have a defined lifespan so we scan best before dates and serial numbers into our WMS on receipt. This means you can track specific batches by order, giving full visibility of your supply chain. Very important for expiry dates and in the unlikely event of a product recall.


“Synergy have been Debenhams external 3PL partner for 20 years. Synergy retain the business not just for the commercial benefits that the partnership delivers but equally for their specialist skills. Synergy provide us with services in pre-retailing flat to hang, tunnel pressing, outside storage, quality inspection and Ozone treatment. We are pleased to report that Synergy are a fully integrated partner of our supply chain where we can totally rely on their flexibility to address any issue. This has clearly been achieved through the professional and committed approach of the highly experienced personnel that Synergy employ.”

Steve Bowkis, Head of Imports, Debenhams

“Our business spans several industries with over 900 SKU’s and we ship to more than 1,000 e-comm customers per day as well as retailers. Upon joining网易电竞, they timely integrated our ASN’s, SKU and shipping process to their system and now we have a seamless process in regards to goods in and out, return process and tracking report etc. Also, they introduce their relevant network to us of helping us to get more value-added. We just feel lucky we found网易电竞 and if you are looking for value-added 3PL partner, there is no question to choose网易电竞 – such nice experienced people to work with.”

Sheng Li, FDS Corporation