Garment processing

For over 30 years we have partnered with many high street retailers and household brands providing high volume, quick turnaround times and attention to detail.

To do this we continuously invest in industry-leading Veit equipment, maintenance schedules and our people to ensure we operate cleanly and efficiently, regularly processing over 6,000 garments per hour to precise commercial standards.

We are also ethically audited by Sedex, Fast Forward and the ETI.

Read our Debenhams case study.

We offer:

Re-pricing & re-ticketing

Economy and speed are paramount to our clients and we regularly exceed expectations. Our blend of technology-driven processes and production expertise means Synergy handles large volume projects and regularly process over 250,000 units per day across multiple clients. We have managed projects in the region of 20 million units per annum with stock arriving and being dispatched on 20 trailers per day.

For ad-hoc projects, all we need is a phone call, packing list and the retailer we’re processing for and we will quote by return.

Read our Primark case study.


“Gary and the team have always been responsive and flexible, coping with tight timelines and complicated scenarios, we’ve had almost no issues with them over the years. Synergy were trusted with a high profile, celebrity brand launch. This project had to be handled sensitively and I’m happy to say that all went well and we continue to enjoy a happy working relationship knowing nothing is more than a phone call away.”

Elizabeth Graham, Supplier Manager, Arcadia Group

Quality control

We have an experienced quality control team to ensure your products meet the quality and safety standards you require.


We provide detailed AQL or 100% inspections with detailed reporting so you can understand issues or highlight production improvements with your manufacturers.

Commercial standards

As trusted suppliers to most high street retailers for over 30 years, we have great knowledge of acceptable commercial standards and the quality levels required.


Our knowledge and experience have enabled us to become trusted partners for most high street retailers. As a specialist fashion 3PL, our quality control team can remedy many issues on-site such as garment processing, ozone treatment and re-labelling.

We offer:

Footwear, QC & re-work

Overseas production and high humidity often result in quality issues. Our quality control inspections range from 2.5% to 100% and we have an on-site team to re-work many common issues including excess glue, incorrect adhesives, rebranding with new cookies, mould, re-sticking trims and pairing.

We are Fast Forward, SEDEX and ETI audited and members of the British Footwear council.

Footwear Logos
Kurt Geiger

“We have been working with Synergy for 2 years and couldn’t have a better partner. We use their footwear remedial services across 7 different brands. Their Ozone/mould treatment and rework such as gluing and quality inspection has been 1st class. I value their level of service, their cost transparency, and their continued support to find the better solution. I highly recommend them.”

Ludovica d’Andria, Supply Chain Manager, Kurt Geiger

Ozone & mould treatment

Goods that spend a long time in transit can arrive with mould or strong odours such as glue and diesel.网易电竞 has invested in an on-site Ozone decontamination service where we can treat merchandise at a molecular level in a sealed, safe and clean processing area.

After Ozone treatment products are cleaned with 2 stages of micro-fresh before being placed into new packaging.

Adrianna Papell

“We have various sales channels from eCommerce, retail and wholesale customers, dispatching within the UK and Europe. We are constantly evolving and onboarding new clients with no impact and confirm the company has good attention to detail. Synergy ensures the goods arrive and dispatch on time and our customers are never let down. I would strongly recommend Synergy for your fulfilment and logistics.”

Diane Smith, Central Operations Manager, Adrianna Papell